Business Card Printing Tips

Messy ink, imprecise cuts, wrong print, poor image quality, and illegible letters— printing your business cards can be pretty challenging. Not to mention the frustrating ink and paper wastage. Following this simple tips on business card printing will relieve you of much paper waste and stress.

Don’t go below 8. The text may look good on screen but may just come out as a tiny smudge when printed. This happens particularly with details such as phone numbers and websites, which should be large enough to be read accurately.

Go border free. Printers never really go 100% precise. A perfectly fitting border on screen may come out uneven on the actual card. Always leave at least 3mm bleed area around the edges, and should be of the same colour as the background.

Choose your paper. Printing papers may be glossy, matte, regular, or textured. If your design has images or bold colours, choose a glossy paper to retain the quality of the image on screen. Also consider the printer type. The wrong paper can break a printer.

Maintain image quality. A printer’s resolution is usually higher than that of the monitor. For the design to come out just fine on the card, use high resolution printing.

Card printing websites

There are business card companies online where you can create your personalized business cards. They have multiple templates to choose from. You just have to upload your logo or card photo, and then you’re free to play with the colours.


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