Idea Design Elements for a Business Card

A lot of business professionals, especially the new ones, treat business cards as just mere pieces of paper containing information about a business. They mistake it as merely a method of giving information. The truth is that business cards perform many other functions, which is why they come in various looks; chief among these is that they can be the perfect marketing tools.

Here are some business card design tips:


Most business cards contain only text and graphics. If you think outside the box as a marketer, you’ll realize that this may help inform prospects about your business but not remind them of who you are. The moment you cross paths again, they might not remember you, so you might as well include your picture in your business card.


It’s easy to choose a theme for your business card. Since you are marketing your business through it, the colours of your company are the ideal choices. There’s a chance that your business will come first to the minds of your prospects every time they see the same colours. Your company’s logo should also be included for greater recall.

Call to Action

Add an interesting line pertaining to your business or services on your business card. Giving your prospects something to think about, a surprise, or a striking statement will lead them to remember you when they need the services you offer. Also, it helps to use an understandable yet professional-looking font.


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