Business Cards as an Effective Marketing Tactic

While some people say that business cards are no longer needed because modern technology has already replaced its functions, they’re completely missing out on the marketing opportunities that a business card offers. Turn your cards into some of your most effective marketing tactics by keeping these tips in mind:

Get Creative

Most business cards just wither inside wallets, never to see the light of day again. Keep things interesting and you won’t have to worry about that. Opt for a simple design that still has some creative elements on it. You also need to keep your end of the bargain by making the handoff memorable for a client.

Be Tech-Savvy

Who says the old ways don’t have a place in the modern world? Give your business card a flashy new update by incorporating a QR code on its design. This way, you give your clients a reason to visit your website. Another benefit of this is that you can track just how effective your card is in reaching people.

Make it Personal

Your connection with your client doesn’t have to stop the moment you hand off your card. Make your business stand out more by placing an image of yourself on the card so that they can remember you later on. You can also tell them what your company is all about by letting them know what ventures and causes you support.


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