Before You Print: 3 Business Card Tips to Consider

Mothers may tell their sons to ‘never judge a book by its cover,’, but businesspersons don’t heed this advice all the time—within the first few seconds of meeting with a prospective client or partner, you can bet he’s already crafting a lasting opinion about you inside his head.

You only get one shot to make a good impression. Fortunately there are several tricks you can use to make sure that the impression you leave is a good one—a well-pressed and well-chosen outfit, good manners, and a unique and beautifully designed business card. These tips should give you some guidelines when looking to build a striking business card for yourself:


A business card’s main purpose is to make it easier for people to contact you, so be sure your card contains all the necessary information, including your name, job description, phone number, email, website, physical and/or business address.

Brand elements

A business card conveys your brand through your choice of logo, fonts, and colours. Make sure your card remains consistent with your brand elements. This will help reinforce your brand and make it easier for your prospects to remember you and your company.


Regarding the proper size of your brand elements, whether large or small, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider. Your goal is to create a design that stands out while fitting into your card’s dimensions. Study the business card designs that you like and start from there.


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